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Using our unique combination of technology, AI and industry experienced consultants we help exciting global and local corporations, SMEs and start-ups to grow by delivering executive-search recruitment across every role in their businesses.

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Our unique approach enables unrivalled quality,
speed and value to our clients

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allowing you to take the guesswork out of starting,
growing and scaling your tech business.

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Talent Roadmapping

Success doesn’t happen by chance, roadmapping departmental journeys will ensure you stay on track with your ambitious goals

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AI-Accelerated Hiring

Combining the power of our AI sourcing bots with our technical talent team speeds up your time to hire by up to 10x

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Global Talent Pool

Our talent pool has no borders giving you access to the world’s best talent regardless of your location

Openness - orbit

Organisational & Market Analysis

Determining the skills, knowledge & abilities required, benchmarked against the wider tech market to ensure a competitive package is offered

Empowerment - orbit

In-Depth Assessments

Our in-house expertise enables us to give you a deep executive assessment of each candidate covering all the key skills, knowledge and abilities

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Hiring Optimisation

We combine combine our lean and continuous improvement expertise with your hiring process to reduce waste, improving your time to hire

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We specialise in identifying excellence across all areas of an engineering team

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We work with some amazing companies co-creating huge success in partnerships that are based on trust, transparency and communication.

"orbit's unique approach..."

As VISFO continues to expand, orbit's unique approach and fabulous team give us total confidence that we can connect with the talent we need to continually grow our ambitious and innovative roadmap.

Whether it's product management, design, engineering or data science, orbit always manage to find people with not only the right skills, but also the right cultural fit for our community and the passion for growth and development that we look for.

Head of Engineering
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