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Who We Work With

Our mission focuses us to only partner with companies who have a clear vision and an incredible journey ahead of them, all the while making a positive impact on the world.

This focus enables us to go above and beyond for our clients. We embed ourselves and work with our amazing companies to co-create huge success in partnerships that are based on trust, transparency and communication.

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Working at orbit

At orbit we believe in being output focused, so we give everyone the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, using any device.

We know the best work comes from having the time and space to think, and people are at their best when they’re given the autonomy to learn in their own way, customise how they work, create their own ladder, and define their own goals.

As a team we encourage everyone to be a leader and all our learning and teaching is democratised, as everyone has something to teach as well as learn. We collaborate whenever possible and all information is shared and readily available.

We want people to come on board who are going to challenge us, help us all grow and ultimately help our clients succeed.

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Our Candidate Credo

Our goal is to develop all-important trust with our candidates, as we hope they recognise the level of care that goes into onboarding the right calibre of client and opportunity at orbit.

We aim to deliver a far more comprehensive strategic view to our candidates going into a recruitment process allowing them to make a much more informed decision about their future.

We want to help as many high-performers as possible across the world get the kind of opportunities that they're going to love, enabling them to make a real positive impact.

All in the knowledge that we’re continually developing and refining an extremely fluent process where candidates and clients always know where they stand and are given feedback that will help them both improve.

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The values that drive
everything we do

We’re a continually evolving, high-performing team of pioneers, to incessantly deliver value and excellence within our clients.

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We deliver world class basics and are always improving. We over deliver on quality and Deliver value in every conversation.

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Be 100% committed to your current client, your ethics, and your principles even if it leads to a short-term loss 'knowing that karma exists'. Be reliable and fair, you never have to be asked twice. Care about what your peers are creating.

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Constantly challenge ourselves and each other to push our boundaries to new levels. Adaptable, agile & authentic. Enjoy the process of improving every day.

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We need pioneers, people who can spot patterns and change before the world does. Always look for the joy in what you do.

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Have passion for what they do and can problem solve in any situation. Always able to identify new ways to add value.

We work with amazing companies across the world!

Helping them build globally distributed
high performing teams.

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