Charlie Brook

Charlie Brook

Founder & Director of Operations

Keeping Things Simple, Clear & Transparent 💡

About me

I help exciting tech companies build incredible products based on three key principles:

Simplicity: Can the customer understand and use this product without direction?
Clarity: Will the customer understand exactly how this product will solve their problems?Transparency: Does the customer trust you’re actively looking for improvement areas in this product?

Alongside helping to make products meet these success criteria, I help customers create their own FESIFO lean revenue generation system enabling sustainable, product-led growth.

I am also orbit’s Director of Operations, which means as well as building the future with our clients, I oversee the day-to-day running of orbit.This includes setting our strategic goals, working with the team to ensure everything runs smoothly, and championing continuous improvement & accelerated learning within our culture.

We founded orbit to fill a gap in the market of a tech & talent consultancy that was truly customer-focused. We give customers what they need, when they need it, helping build their internal capability and becoming less dependent on external investment and talent consultancies.

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