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July 18, 2022
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Katie Rafferty: Welcome to Orbit

We’re extremely excited to welcome Katie Rafferty to orbit as a Talent Scout.

Katie Rafferty: Welcome to Orbit

A huge welcome to Katie Rafferty

We’re extremely excited to welcome Katie Rafferty to orbit as a Talent Scout. Katie will join Daniel Butterfield’s squad and will be key in enhancing the quality of our offering as we continue to acquire key partners across the globe. Katie joins us following achieving a first class degree in International Business from the University of Liverpool which included a year out in industry as a Technology Resourcer for Hays Recruitment.

We’re on the same mission

From our first conversation with Katie we could tell straight away that we agreed on how we thought recruitment should be done. Katie had excelled in her time at Hays but had found the numbers driven, quantity over quality way of doing things restrictive and counter-productive. The more we shared ideas on how the job should be done, the more alignment we found. The orbit way of doing things fit with the elements of the job Katie enjoyed and removed the elements of the job she didn’t.

Katie understands the value of being relationship driven with a long term focus on her role. She takes the time to build a rapport when she speaks to candidates, enabling her to only put them forward to a role that is going to be the right career move. In short, she genuinely cares about her candidates and their careers.

Katie is going places

The level of potential we see in Katie is huge, we’re so happy she chose to start her career at orbit. She has all the makings of a high performer: a passion for learning, long term aspirations, great intelligence and the work ethic that will put all these together to ensure personal and professional growth.

We can’t wait to see the positive impact that Katie joining will have on our candidates, clients and of course ourselves. Welcome to orbit Katie Rafferty.

“Katie’s global mindset is exactly what we need to help orbit achieve our long term ambitions”

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