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July 13, 2022
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The Philosophy of Orbit

I believe we have an ambitious mission which is helping to create our core identity

The Philosophy of Orbit

Our orbit means something a little bit different to the definition in the English Dictionary, however the concept of “in orbit”, “orbiting”, “to orbit” is very similar to what our team, services and products can and do provide to our clients.

When you think of the word ‘orbit’ what comes to mind?

🌍 The Earth orbiting the sun?
🛰 The ISS orbiting the Earth?
☄️ A comet about to enter Earths orbit?
📡  Elon putting more starlink satellites into orbit?
👽 or perhaps Aliens blasting through Earth’s orbit?

The hardest part about space is staying there, we can build rockets and advanced propulsion systems with excellent launch routines grounded in research, science and human collaboration, however, keeping an object in orbit fully functioning in the vast nothingness of space is difficult. It takes collaboration, growth, new ideas, innovation, consistency, research, attention to detail and timing along with other factors.

Just like building a great product, company, tech team or hiring strategy it takes a great team that is grounded in the right principles, processes and team-work along with high level thinking with innovation, new ideas, a growth mindset filled with curiosity, collaboration and good communication channels. It also includes high levels of research, attention to detail and timing… you can’t just put any object anywhere in earth’s orbit right?

What is our mission?

I believe we have a mission which is helping to create our core identity, our vision and our purpose. Without a strong, bold and perhaps brave mission statement I believe a startup can become lost and disjointed especially as a company is readying itself to grow. We often need a mission that attaches to our goals, but also grounds us, in this case our mission shows shows everyone at orbit and externally the direction and the quest that we as a team are going on… together.

Our mission is to help exciting tech companies change the world through growth, innovation and new ideas, enabling better futures and positive change.

Who do we orbit?


Believe it or not, we have turned down more partnerships this year than we have agreed terms & conditions with, we don’t want to work with everyone, we have a clear client criteria, we take hiring talent seriously, and so should you. Our mission focuses us to only partner with companies who have a clear vision and an incredible journey ahead of them, all the while making a positive impact on the world. This focus enables us to go above and beyond for our clients. We embed ourselves and work with our amazing companies to co-create huge success in partnerships that are based on trust, transparency and communication. There are other factors involved and i’m sure Charlie has a blog post pending ⏳.


The candidates in our networks and those that we actively engage with are extremely important to orbit, you could say we create a satellite system of support, guidance and trust throughout a hiring process as we orbit around them.

Our goal is to develop all-important trust with our candidates, as we hope they recognise the level of care that goes into onboarding the right calibre of client and opportunity at Orbit. We aim to deliver a far more comprehensive strategic view to our candidates going into a recruitment process allowing them to make a much more informed decision about their future. We want to help as many high-performers as possible across the world get the kind of opportunities that they're going to love, enabling them to make a real positive impact. All in the knowledge that we’re continually developing and refining an extremely fluent process where candidates and clients always know where they stand and are given feedback that will help them both improve.


Our vision for orbit is only achievable by the people working alongside myself and Charlie, we are creating a platform for our teams to excel, to achieve high-performance, to be successful but to also be happy, content and to build something they are beyond proud of, all whilst living life in fulfilled way.

At orbit we believe in being output focused, so we give everyone the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, using any device.

We know the best work comes from having the time and space to think, and people are at their best when they’re given the autonomy to learn in their own way, customise how they work, create their own ladder, and define their own goals.

As a team we encourage everyone to be a leader and all our learning and teaching is democratised, as everyone has something to teach as well as learn. We collaborate whenever possible and all information is shared and readily available.

We want people to come on board who are going to challenge us, help us all grow and ultimately help our clients succeed.

What does it mean to work at orbit?

Our goal is to create the next generation talent company 🚀. First by creating a fantastic platform for our people to perform but also to love what they do and how they do it. We want to create success stories not just externally, but internally. We can only grow, develop and become better at what we do if first we look inside: Are we evolving? Are we given freedom to be creative? Are we learning, developing, healthy and happy?

We are also driven by a desire to help build teams, products and strategies that help companies and the individuals within them flourish, creating exciting new experiences, meaningful cultures and accelerated successful outcomes to our clients, but also a drive to build an incredible tech-focused company, which will continue to build tech products, enhanced services and a global reaching team.

What does orbit mean to me?

Before orbit we had another name, however we shared many of the similarities listed here, we had the same philosophy and a very similar mission. Prior to 2022 we took some time to think, process and plan what a next generation talent company would look like, in doing so we developed a new mission.

To achieve our mission we had to create an identity, an ‘orbit brain’ and a brand which would become our launch vehicle. “Orbit” was that launch vehicle that helped us get into orbit, as it evolves and grows and as we reach our milestones Orbit will in turn evolve itself and become so much more than a launch vehicle, it will become an inter-galactic, super-connected, high-performing tech talent hive of spaceships helping to build some of the world’s greatest tech teams, products and in turn creating an awesome environment for its teams and people to be successful.

What does it mean to orbit?

Our orbit is a concept, it’s becoming a way of work that aligns and at a certain point in time will surpass the very best high-performing teams. The concept of orbit is something that we put into practice daily, weekly and monthly. We are that great team behind your hiring drive, behind the executive search appointment, behind the new product team build, behind hiring a niche role, behind developing and supporting a product strategy, behind entering new markets, behind hiring new positions, behind your central OS, behind your market landscaping, improving your internal talent processes and strategies, behind your employer brand expansion, communication systems and building self-sufficient talent teams. We are in orbit around you.

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