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April 14, 2022
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A letter from the founders

We want to help exciting tech companies change the world through growth, innovation and new ideas, enabling better futures and positive change.

A letter from the founders

Pioneers With A Purpose

We want to help exciting tech companies change the world through growth, innovation and new ideas, enabling better futures and positive change.

We do this with our unique mixture of cutting edge technology, data science and exceptional people to deliver insights, strategy and talent to our clients.

orbit strives to enable a better world and a sharper cutting edge by giving progressive tech entrepreneurs a platform for success and enabling startups to take the guesswork out of scaling.

In order to do this, we’re building a suite of unique tech products and a continually evolving, high-performing team of pioneers, to incessantly deliver value and excellence within our clients.

We Help...

Entrepreneurs Build their Launchpad

by getting the right people in the C-Suite
by nailing strategy
by developing a great product
by building a central operating system

Start-ups Build their Rocket Ship

by introducing them to the best talent
by creating a zero-defect hiring process
by nurturing a performance culture
by building a flawless onboarding journey

Scale-ups Go Intergalactic

by building a loveable employer brand
by building an inbound talent machine
by perfecting internal communication
by becoming talent self-sufficient

Who We Work With

Our mission focuses us to only partner with companies that have a clear vision and an incredible journey ahead of them, all the while making a positive impact on the world.

This focus enables us to go above and beyond for our clients. We embed ourselves and work with our amazing companies to co-create huge success in partnerships that are based on trust, transparency and communication.

Our Candidate Credo

Our goal is to develop all-important trust with our candidates, as we hope they recognise the level of care that goes into onboarding the right calibre of client and opportunity at orbit.

We aim to deliver a far more comprehensive strategic view to our candidates going into a recruitment process allowing them to make a much more informed decision about their future.

We want to help as many high-performers as possible across the world get the kind of opportunities that they're going to love, enabling them to make a real positive impact.

All in the knowledge that we’re continually developing and refining an extremely fluent process where candidates and clients always know where they stand and are given feedback that will help them both improve.

Working at orbit

At orbit we believe in being output focused, so we give everyone the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, using any device.

We know the best work comes from having the time and space to think, and people are at their best when they’re given the autonomy to learn in their own way, customise how they work, create their own ladder, and define their own goals.

As a team we encourage everyone to be a leader and all our learning and teaching is democratised, as everyone has something to teach as well as learn. We collaborate whenever possible and all information is shared and readily available.

We want people to come on board who are going to challenge us, help us all grow and ultimately help our clients succeed.

Meet the Founding Team

Chief Executive Officer: Max Noble

Chief Product Officer: Andrew Hall

Founder & Director of Tech & Data Search: Daniel Butterfield

Founder & Director of Operations: Charlie Brook

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