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June 21, 2022
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Why Working at Orbit Isn’t For Everyone

Rather than brush these reasons under the carpet, trying to be all things to all people, we thought we’d share them!

Why Working at Orbit Isn’t For Everyone


We have something in common with all of our competitors: we’re not for everyone!

We’re also unique, with many unique qualities that make our business great - one’s that work for some people and not for others.

Every founder believes they have the best culture, and this is true… for them. It’s very easy, as a founder, to build a way of working that works for you, but it is a completely different challenge altogether to build an inclusive culture that promotes performance, balance and fulfilment to others coming into the business across all seniorities.

The Importance of Intent

This is where the belief has to stop and intention comes in. Believing you have a great culture is toxic, that’s when stagnation creeps in, stopping cultural evolution and innovation. Intending to have a great culture enables self-reflection and co-creation when it comes to identifying ways of working that are going to enable others to be at their best - not just the founder.

This is why at Orbit we take the time to reassess working practices and expectations when we take on new team members. However, there are some areas that are cornerstones of how Orbit works that mean we’d be a bad fit for people who came into the business without sharing the same principles and values as we do collectively.

Rather than brush these under the carpet and trying to be all things to all people in order to get more bums on seats; we thought we’d share them to help prospective employees make an educated decision as to whether Orbit is going to be right for them or not.

Principle 1: Freedom

We’re not for you if: You see freedom and a lack of structure as a drain rather than an energiser!

We’re set up to be a fully remote company, we do have office space that’s always open but our team have the freedom to use that space as much or as little as they like. Our people are encouraged to work when and where works best for them. If this sounds ideal to you then you’d be a great fit for Orbit, but for those who need more structure it simply would not work.

Principle 2: Responsibility

We’re not for you if: You see responsibility as a pressure not a privilege!

We encourage all our people to be responsible for managing and improving themselves. We’re an output focused company so what inputs happen on a day-to-day basis is up to our team, they’re in complete control of defining what inputs they need to action in order to achieve our agreed outputs. Obviously we’re always here to support and give guidance and ideas but we want proactive people in the team who take responsibility into their own hands and who see this as a privilege rather than pressure.

Principle 3: High Performance

We’re not for you if: High performance is too much like hard work!?

At Orbit we have developed our own pathway to high performance (with some help from a team of expert productivity consultants), giving full support to everyone on their journey to the top. This pathway goes through the steps of alignment, foundation building, improvement and finally achieving predictable performance. The two similarities we see in everyone on their journey:

  • The first is that high performance looks different to everyone
  • The second is that whatever it looks like it always requires hard work

If you see the benefit of the long term commitment that is required for achieving high performance, knowing the hard work it requires, then you’d be a good fit for Orbit.

Principle 4: Continued Learning

We’re not for you if: You don’t love learning!

Orbit has a comprehensive knowledge hub that includes so much experience and information about the world of talent consulting and tech startups. We add to this as a team daily with new things we’ve learned across a variety of topics. We’re a company who think learning should be democratised, everyone has something to learn from each other regardless of their job title. We want people who live and breathe this, who are always looking to learn and share new knowledge. If this is you then you’d fit in well at Orbit, if not, then better coming to that conclusion now than two months into working here!

Value 1: Creative

We’re not for you if: You don’t enjoy thinking and bringing new ideas to the table!

Everyone is creative and creativity isn’t confined to historically ‘creative’ jobs. Some of the best innovations come from creativity in the context of business improvement and customer success. We want people who have passion for what they do and can problem solve in any situation. Those who are always able to identify new ways to add value.

Value 2: Competitive

We’re not for you if: You’re not driven to improve yourself every day!

We value internal competitiveness, beating colleagues is irrelevant. If everyone in our team is self-aware and constantly challenging themselves, pushing their boundaries and comfort zones to new levels then as a company we will be doing a delivering exceptional work. People who see their metrics as a floor not a ceiling, handle success and failure with a positive mind and learn more from a bad experience than a good one will excel at Orbit.

Value 3: Curious

We’re not for you if: You don’t enjoy asking questions!

Curiosity is key to learning and also key to engaging in meaningful and energising conversations. We need pioneers who are always asking ‘why’, trying to drill down for the truth in every situation, spotting patterns and changing before the world does. People who do well at orbit are truly interested in everyone they speak to, they listen to understand, not just to reply.

Value 4: Caring

We’re not for you if: You’re not happy to take a short term loss for a long term gain!

Caring is about being honest and working in the best long-term interest of everyone. We want people at Orbit who always look for a win-win situation, those who are comfortable being direct in their communication where needed, sharing problems honestly and never letting an elephant in the room derail a situation. Our people should never be afraid to do the right thing, even it leads to a short-term loss. Overall, we care about what your peers and our clients are creating and are proud of our involvement.

Value 5: Credible

We’re not for you if: You’re not driven to deliver a quality service!

Everything we work towards at Orbit is building our credibility. We employ world class basics, always improve on our day-to-day activities, always looking to over deliver on quality. Our credibility comes from living and breathing our foundations and values.

Coming Back to Intent

You may be reading through this thinking that’s a lot to take in and even if you agree with everything above, you don’t tick all those boxes yet. Once again, this is where the most important quality of all comes in - intent. At Orbit, our intention is to have a great culture and we’ll only get there if we have a company full of people who have the intent to keep growing, improving and making the business a better place to work. So, if you have read this article and Orbit sounds like something you’d enjoy being a part of then let’s have a chat about getting you onboard.

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